Sawn Timber has a multitude of uses: it can be used for general building work, flooring, decking, cladding and many other applications. Oubraham srl. represents several leading sawmills in Romania and Austria which produce the best sawn timber in the world. The company offers its customers sawn timber from pine, spruce, however the & White Spruce are the main export products. Because the desired thickness, width and length they are not varies from market to another oubraham srl is able to provide sawn timber in all sizes, grading, length and kiln drying at large quantities with a very competitive price in order to fulfil all customer demands.

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With our experience we can offer you the best timber from Europe . We supply Timber from Romania ,Austria, Slovenia, . . Our main markets are located in Dubai ,Kuwait, Qatar ,Bahrain ,Jordan ,Egypt Algeria, Morocco, Tunis, Libya, Pakistan, India, Saudi Arabia . Nothing is more annoying when you do not know who to contact with an issue.

We want always to be our customers

We want to continuously develop our own and our customers' business in long-term co-operation and we focus on what we do best: to supply our customers with the right sawn timber at the right time. We provide our customers added value as well as bring them peace of mind and flexibility to succeed in their operations. We want to always be our customers' number one choice!

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Our Timber

Austrian timber And Romanian Timber -

 white wood rough sawn timber (spruce — picea abies)
rough sawn whitewood spruce timber
Austrian  timber  spruce  . KD   ready for  export
Slovenian   Timber  Spruce
Romanian  Beech wood sawn timber
white wood rough sawn timber (spruce — picea abies)
Spruce lumber | spruce timber